STAGES at a glance

Title: Science and Technology Advancing Governance on Good Environmental Status
Programme: FP7, Cooperation; Food, Agriculture
Instrument: Coordination and Support Action
Duration: September 2012 – August 2014
Coordination: Centro Tecnologico del Mar (CETMAR)
Consortium: 8 partners from 7 countries

Marisa Fernández Cañamero
Centro Tecnológico del Mar - Fundación CETMAR


Marisa Fernández Cañamero (mfernandez@cetmar.org)
Raquel Diez Arenas  (rdiez@cetmar.org)


Project Objectives

The purpose of the STAGES project has its origins in the research questions addressed in the European Coordination and Support Action "The Ocean of Tomorrow" programme topic (ENV.2012.6.2-5). This topic aims to improve the scientific knowledge base to support the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The STAGES project will connect science to policy to help achieve a Good Environmental Status (GES) in marine waters. To achieve this objective, the project will bridge the MSFD science-policy gap and improve the current scientific knowledge base to allow Member States to achieve GES. This involves:

  • Identifying, extracting and synthesising the knowledge generated through EU and national research funded activities relating to the MSFD, and making this information widely accessible to policy makers and MSFD stakeholders.
  • Establishing where further research needs to be conducted to improve the scientific knowledge underpinning implementation of the MSFD.
  • Providing pragmatic and ready-to-use recommendations to establish an effective European science-policy platform to support GES research and implementation of the MSFD.



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