Work Packages

STAGES has two overarching goals: to synthesise the information from MSFD relevant research projects and to develop a platform to ensure that the knowledge generated through European science and technology can be channelled effectively to a broad range of relevant end users, to inform and facilitate implementation of the MSFD and the achievement of GES. With this purpose in mind, the specific objectives of STAGES are to:

1. Identify and synthesise the knowledge generated through EU and national research funded activities with relevance to MSFD objectives and make it widely accessible to policy and decision makers and to MSFD stakeholders.

2. Identify the needs for further research to improve the scientific underpinning for the implementation of the MSFD.

3. Provide concrete, pragmatic and ready-to-use recommendations on the development of an effective European science-policy platform to support implementation of the MSFD.

To achieve these objectives, and taking into account previous relevant work and progress, the STAGES project will be organised around five work packages (WPs), including two transversal supporting WPs (WP1 and WP5) and three core WPs (WP2, WP3 and WP4). The five WPs are as follows:




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