Key Outcomes of the STAGES Project

Knowledge Transferred from WP2:

“Identify, Extract, Analyse and Synthesize the Knowledge"

The Key outcomes from WP2 revolve around the successful task of gathering relevant knowledge from marine environment research at EU and National level, and ensuring it was made readily available for use by policy makers and the wider MSFD stakeholder community, through the Marine Knowledge Gate and the STAGES Visualisation Tool.

As well as the mandated deliverables outlined here, the following three reports were developed:

  1. Harnessing MSFD-related research: An overview of potentially relevant European and National research by the STAGES project

  2. Research Harnessing Recommendations: A way to enhance access to European and Nationalpublic funded research with relevancefor MSFD implementation

  3. Harnessing MSFD-related research: An insight into country participation in potentially relevant European and National research by the STAGES project